the move!

i'm sorry for not posting as often as i would like... a little thing called work/school/studying/eating/sleeping/packing happened. yes, packing... we are moving! craig and i will finally be in the same zip code, which makes our commutes easier and our time together even sweeter. the big move actually takes place tomorrow, so there's lots to be done!
in the meantime, check out these stools from csn stores. had i known they would ship right to us, i would have used them for our new kitchen breakfast bar. regardless, the new place will be highlighting numerous csn purchases, and we can't wait to get them all set up!



huge news on the grad school front: i got accepted into my MBA program! i'll be accepting the invitation this week and begin planning my classes for january! (sorry every statement has an exclamation point; can you tell i'm excited?!)
i'm also taking on some new freelance work as i make the transition. plus, my work with csn is in full effect, and i'll be reviewing another product for them this week. in case you're unaware, csn is the place to go for everything between nightstands and bar stools. i know craig and i have already used their stores for some new additions to the apartment we're signing on the end of this month. didn't i tell you things were exciting around here?!