gotta give some credit

there's a reason this all started: weddings.
being engaged previously, i threw myself into everything weddings. if i told you how many wedding blogs are in my google reader you wouldn't believe me (plus i'd have to count them). and though that part of my life is over, i can't give them up. constant wedding inspiration, vibrant themes and perfect details... i got to thinking.
then a fabulous friend of mine, lisa, got engaged. inspiration #2. i started flooding her email with themes and colors and when she chose hydrangeas and a cornflower blue palette,  i was hooked. i'll be showcasing her invitation suite in my next post, so stay tuned.
i would be jumping over the obvious if i didn't include my boyfriend's hand in helping me get to this point. craig works for a company that specializes in wedding and party rentals. i loved the thought of consulting with vendors, families and couples all day, helping their dreams become reality.
the final inspiration is in my own skills. as an english and spanish double major in my undergraduate days, i honed my editing skills to make for one detail-oriented planner. despite my lack of capital letters through this blog, know that i will always follow every editing and etiquette rule to the letter. 
as i start classes this month (and yes, i took my MATs and scored in the 90th percentile and applied to the MBA program--prayers please), i am vowing to keep my eye on the prize and help strengthen this love for all things wedding into a long-lasting relationship with my clients and their events.

in quick, other news, the wonderful people over at csn stores contacted me to start reviewing for them. from bedroom furniture sets to bakeware, they've got the goods. can't wait to start sharing all these fun and new opportunities with you all!