day 1

today is the first day i've come to realize what i want to do with my life. yes, 25 years in the making.
i am opening my own wedding business, beginning with stationery. not "stationary," so let's get that out of the way right now, please.
the plan will be to call this little company "starr stationery," to one day combine with a full wedding business craig and i will tackle together, and this blog will be a ground for business updates, wedding ideas and probably some random musings too.
sure, it'll be daunting, but so is every one of life's challenges, right? so come along on the journey!
step one is beginning an MBA program to back all of this up. wish me luck!

the new plan

BIG NEWS, ladies!

i'm starting my own wedding business
and the new plan is starr stationery!

so please change your subscriptions, readers, etc. to:

please come along, read all about it and spread the word please.
i'd love your support as i begin this new adventure!