time goes by

so much for resolutions. or blogging daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. but i'm back. for now i am writing a lot on topics i have yet to post. i'm working out the kinks. getting all these words out of my head and onto the screen. one day, i may just have the guts to hit "publish."



...and what a year 2010 was! so thankful to look back on the past year and see how much is ahead of us now in 2011. i hope you all had a fabulous holiday season! i'm looking forward to more posts and business development this year. plus, a little more home decorating never hurts either! i'm currently temped by the new modern duvet covers and more over at csn and the work opportunities i'm tackling this year. my classes are in full force, but i am resolving to at least try to blog more than once every few months!


holiday cheer

it's the first week of november now, so i'm officially allowed to start thinking of christmas, and i guess it's ok to reveal that i have had the christmas cards for our new place made and waiting to be stamped for weeks now. we created a photo card with a picture of craig and i (and goofy) from our disney trip in september to celebrate the holidays and also announce our new address! now that i think of it, we could have sped up the whole process and done halloween or thanksgiving cards to get the word out sooner!

these cards a cute and inexpensive way to celebrate whatever fun is going on in your life. just think of all the save the date options you can have--which is what i just suggested my friend kristine do for her wedding this july by sending out holiday-themed save the dates! shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards now, so get in on the fun and get your holiday cheer going. is it wrong that i'm already thinking of return address labels for everyday use? please stop me. besides, who wants to speed past the holidays anyway, right?


the move!

i'm sorry for not posting as often as i would like... a little thing called work/school/studying/eating/sleeping/packing happened. yes, packing... we are moving! craig and i will finally be in the same zip code, which makes our commutes easier and our time together even sweeter. the big move actually takes place tomorrow, so there's lots to be done!
in the meantime, check out these stools from csn stores. had i known they would ship right to us, i would have used them for our new kitchen breakfast bar. regardless, the new place will be highlighting numerous csn purchases, and we can't wait to get them all set up!



huge news on the grad school front: i got accepted into my MBA program! i'll be accepting the invitation this week and begin planning my classes for january! (sorry every statement has an exclamation point; can you tell i'm excited?!)
i'm also taking on some new freelance work as i make the transition. plus, my work with csn is in full effect, and i'll be reviewing another product for them this week. in case you're unaware, csn is the place to go for everything between nightstands and bar stools. i know craig and i have already used their stores for some new additions to the apartment we're signing on the end of this month. didn't i tell you things were exciting around here?!


gotta give some credit

there's a reason this all started: weddings.
being engaged previously, i threw myself into everything weddings. if i told you how many wedding blogs are in my google reader you wouldn't believe me (plus i'd have to count them). and though that part of my life is over, i can't give them up. constant wedding inspiration, vibrant themes and perfect details... i got to thinking.
then a fabulous friend of mine, lisa, got engaged. inspiration #2. i started flooding her email with themes and colors and when she chose hydrangeas and a cornflower blue palette,  i was hooked. i'll be showcasing her invitation suite in my next post, so stay tuned.
i would be jumping over the obvious if i didn't include my boyfriend's hand in helping me get to this point. craig works for a company that specializes in wedding and party rentals. i loved the thought of consulting with vendors, families and couples all day, helping their dreams become reality.
the final inspiration is in my own skills. as an english and spanish double major in my undergraduate days, i honed my editing skills to make for one detail-oriented planner. despite my lack of capital letters through this blog, know that i will always follow every editing and etiquette rule to the letter. 
as i start classes this month (and yes, i took my MATs and scored in the 90th percentile and applied to the MBA program--prayers please), i am vowing to keep my eye on the prize and help strengthen this love for all things wedding into a long-lasting relationship with my clients and their events.

in quick, other news, the wonderful people over at csn stores contacted me to start reviewing for them. from bedroom furniture sets to bakeware, they've got the goods. can't wait to start sharing all these fun and new opportunities with you all!


day 1

today is the first day i've come to realize what i want to do with my life. yes, 25 years in the making.
i am opening my own wedding business, beginning with stationery. not "stationary," so let's get that out of the way right now, please.
the plan will be to call this little company "starr stationery," to one day combine with a full wedding business craig and i will tackle together, and this blog will be a ground for business updates, wedding ideas and probably some random musings too.
sure, it'll be daunting, but so is every one of life's challenges, right? so come along on the journey!
step one is beginning an MBA program to back all of this up. wish me luck!

the new plan

BIG NEWS, ladies!

i'm starting my own wedding business
and the new plan is starr stationery!

so please change your subscriptions, readers, etc. to:

please come along, read all about it and spread the word please.
i'd love your support as i begin this new adventure!


i'm back...

...with a brand new outlook. granted my blogging slowed down for obvious reasons, it's great to be back. (don't worry, a blog makeover is coming).